Join us

If you have graduated from a tertiary institution (not necessarily in Poland) with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture, then you are eligible to join the Association of Polish Architects. In special cases, SARP membership may be granted for extraordinary commitment to architecture or the SARP. An architectural license is not required.

In order to become an SARP member, you need to fill in the form. The application must be confirmed with the signatures of three SARP members. These documents are to be delivered to the SARP WB office at ul. Foksal 2 in Warsaw. The application will be processed at the next branch meeting. These are normally held twice a month.

SARP members are obliged to follow the Architects Code of Professional Conduct and to pay the membership fees. You are additionally requested to familiarize yourself with the SARP charter.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Warsaw Branch of the SARP.